The important of mortgage insurance

Mortgage Insurance

The important of mortgage insurance Lately, one of my clients, James, involved in road accident and passed away. It was a shock to me. It is because the day before he just called me up and informed that he wish to rent out his apartment. Few days later, I went to his funeral ceremony. During … [Read more…]

Airbnb Property Investment

Airbnb Property Investment

Previously investors used to rent out their investment property in yearly basic. Today, Airbnb become game changer in property investment. This is part of collaborative economy that happens globally.

Are we really not afford to buy a house in today market?

House is a basic need to everyone. However, many people found that it is very difficult to buy a house in today market. According to NAPIC report stated that The Malaysian Housing Price Index annually increased by 7.4% in year 2015 relative to year 2014. There are increasing numbers of people opinion that they are … [Read more…]

Sharing from Robert Kiyosaki’s Event

Robert Kiyosaki in Master of Wealth 2015 Recently, I attended Master of Wealth during Mid of November in Petaling Jaya. I dropped down some notes from the speakers. I would like to share some notes from a well known speaker, Robert Kiyosaki with others.